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Chin Augmentation

Redefine your jawline.

Improve the size and shape of your chin with a silicone implant for a more contoured, balanced appearance.


The shape of your chin can determine the overall shape and appearance of your face. Create facial harmony with balanced proportions by improving the size and shape of the chin through our chin augmentation procedure. One of the least invasive cosmetic procedures, a chin augmentation involves placing a silicone implant in the chin that redefines the jawline for a more contoured look. The solid implant is flexible and biocompatible.


During your one-on-one consultation, Dr. Park and Dr. Hu will listen to your concerns and develop a fully customized treatment plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. We believe in tailoring each surgery to the needs of the patient, and never want you to have more surgery than is necessary for the most natural-looking results.


During chin augmentation surgery, small, discrete incisions are made either inside your lower lip or underneath your chin. Through these incisions, Dr. Park will place the silicone chin implant underneath the skin and maneuver it to achieve your desired result. The surgery is performed in a private operating suite or an outpatient surgery center. The entire procedure takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.


After surgery, you may experience tenderness, swelling and bruising around the lower portion of your face. This is normal and typically diminishes within a few days. Avoid strenuous physical activity for 1 week following surgery. You will see results of your chin augmentation immediately after surgery. Final results will gradually emerge during the next several weeks once all the swelling subsides.


Redefining the chin and jawline

Quick, long-lasting results


You & Improved

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