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Jaw Reduction and Chin Contouring

Create Facial Harmony.

Soften and refine the shape of your face.


Jaw reduction and chin contouring is performed to slenderize the lower third of the face by addressing the deepest layer of the face, the bone.


During your one-on-one consultation, Dr. Park / Dr. Hu will listen to your concerns and develop a fully customized treatment plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. There are multiple factors that contribute to your face shape, and all of these will be taken into consideration when creating a tailored approach. Depending on your anatomy, a 3D CT scan may be obtained for preoperative planning.


When the jaw appears to be too wide from a frontal view, the outer part of the bone is shaved off. Whether this is by the angles of the jaw or the central chin will depend on the ultimate face shape you are trying to achieve. Several incisions are made inside the mouth to allow access to the bone that needs to be contoured and are closed at the end of the procedure with sutures that dissolve.


After surgery, you will have tenderness and swelling, which is normal and typically diminishes by two weeks. For the first week, stick to a soft diet and refrain from eating anything that is too hot or has sharp edges. Any sutures that are not fully dissolved are removed on Day 10. By the second week, the majority of swelling will have resolved, at which time the changes to your new chin and jawline become obvious.


Giving definition to the jawline

Slenderizing the lower third of your face

Accompanied By

AIREM Modern Beauty Rituals
AIREM Modern Beauty Rituals

A minimally invasive procedure that removes excess fatty tissue in the neck and chin regions.

Neck Liposuction

AIREM Modern Beauty Rituals
AIREM Modern Beauty Rituals

Reshaping, softening, adding volume, slimming the face, and contouring the jawline is the goal of the AIREM customized V-face treatment. These series of treatments, both non-surgical and surgical, are unique to you and can include a combination of injectables, filler, threads, liposuction, surgical procedures, and/or buccal fat removal, designed to achieve a sharp and angled appearance to the lower third of the face.

V-Face Sculpting

AIREM Modern Beauty Rituals
AIREM Modern Beauty Rituals

For this personalized dermal filler treatment, we use hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring substance within the body, to restore lost volume, fill out wrinkles and smooth complexion on your eyes, lips, chin or cheeks for instantly plump, hydrated skin.