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60 mins+ durationStarting at $550

Refresh your complexion.

Tighter, brighter skin.


In this gentle treatment, fractional laser technology is utilized to address and prevent textural changes and early signs of aging. Using nanometer wavelengths to heat up the targeted tissue, the laser creates millions of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin. This process stimulates the body’s collagen production to replace damaged skin with healthy tissue, and ultimately improving skin tone and texture.

Ideal For

Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminishing hyperpigmentation, improving skin texture and tone, reducing pore size, enhancing clarity, vibrancy and radiance of the complexion.


Pore size


Skin firmness and elasticity

Collagen breakdown

Airem Modern Beauty Rituals

Watch the ClariPore treatment.


Questions? We've Got Answers.

When can I expect to see results?
Seen 3-4 days following treatment, with final results during the next 3 weeks up to several months.
Is there any downtime?
Mild redness will subside within 24 hours.
What does the treatment feel like?
Mild redness and flaking will diminish after several days.
How frequently should I get this service?
Once your series is complete, maintenance sessions monthly – quarterly are recommended.


You & Improved

AIREM Modern Beauty RitualsAIREM Modern Beauty Rituals
  • On the day of your appointment, keep your face clean and free of makeup.
  • Do not take any over the counter anti-inflammatory medication 12 hours before appointment.
  • Do not use retinol or any chemical exfoliants 24 hours before your treatment.
  • No prolonged sun exposure on your face at least 48 hours prior to treatment.
  • Immediately after your treatment, you may look and feel like you have a moderate sunburn. The redness will dissipate within the next 24 hours.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure for at least 5 days while the skin is healing. Should you be outdoors, you can apply a SPF starting 24 hours post treatment. In addition, you may apply makeup 24 hours post treatment – just make sure to cleanse accordingly
  • To ensure optimal results from your treatment, We recommend using AIREM Essentials Recovery Kit for the next 5 days following your treatment.
    • AIREM Essentials Canvas Hyaluronic Cleanser: Make sure your hands are clean before touching your face. Gently cleanse 2-4 hours after your treatment. Cleanse A.M. and P.M with this cleanser.
    • AIREM Essentials Cocoon Vitamin Healing Balm: After cleansing with Canvas, apply a thin layer on the treated area of the face. Use as often as needed throughout the day and night.
    • AIREM Essentials Chrysalis Arnica Blossom Gel: After cleansing with Canvas, apply to face, neck, decollete. This can be used with Cocoon for intensive skin hydration and recovery.
  • The day after your treatment you might have a sandpaper-like feel to your skin, and hyperpigmentation may darken for the next few days.This is normal as it is the natural process of skin “sloughing” off the face to make room for fresh, new skin cells. It is imperative that you do not exfoliate or use retinol products within 5 days of receiving your SkinEven / ClariPore treatment. After 5-7 days, we recommend using the SkinBetter Detoxifying Scrub Mask to gently exfoliate the skin.
  • You may experience the following post-treatment which is normal:
    • Sandpaper-like texture
    • Mild redness
    • Minimal swelling
    • Mild peeling
    • Mild discomfort
    • Tingling sensation from numbing cream
    • Warmth and heat
    • Sensation of a sunburn

Your next ClariPore treatment should be scheduled in 2-4 weeks. If you have any questions, please email to or call 516-614-1880.


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AIREM Modern Beauty Rituals
AIREM Modern Beauty Rituals
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AIREM Modern Beauty Rituals
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