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Create Facial Harmony.

Improve the overall appearance of your nose in this delicate operation where adding or removing a millimeter is able to transform a profile.


Rhinoplasty, or “the nose job,” improves the overall appearance of your nose by creating symmetry, modifying the bridge width, eliminating bumps and slumps, narrowing wide nostrils, straightening deviation and refining the contours of your nasal tip for that perfect profile and enhanced self-confidence. It can be reconstructive due to an injury or natural causes, functional to improve breathing, cosmetic or a combination.


During your one-on-one consultation, the surgeon will listen to your concerns and develop a fully customized treatment plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. We believe in tailoring each surgery to the needs of the patient, and never want you to have more surgery than is necessary for the most natural-looking results.


During surgery, your nose will be reshaped by tailoring cartilage and bony structures with a customized approach. If you are undergoing a functional rhinoplasty, Dr. Park/Dr. Hu will also ensure your airways are open and clear. The surgery is performed in a private operating suite or outpatient surgical center under anesthesia. The entire procedure takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete.


After surgery, your nose will be set in a small nasal splint for 5-7 days. During this time, it is normal to experience swelling, bruising and moderate discomfort. Our staff will provide you with specific post-operative care instructions to help you stay as comfortable as possible throughout your recovery. Once the splint is removed, most patients return back to work within 7-10 days. We recommend avoiding heavy lifting, rigorous exercise or wearing glasses for at least 4 weeks following your procedure. While your profile will improve immediately after surgery, the final results will emerge gradually during the next several months as your new nose settles in.


Improving appearance

Improving functionality

Straightening the bridge

Eliminating bumps or slopes

Reducing and refining the nasal tip

Creating facial symmetry

Recovery Timeline

Days 1-3
For the first few days, we recommend relaxing as much as possible. Take this time to apply ice to your eyes.

You will fill the postoperative prescription for pain medication before surgery, but a majority of our patients tell us that extra-strength Tylenol works just fine to control the discomfort.

If working from home is a possibility, patients usually feel well enough to do so after day 3. You may want to keep the Zoom camera off, since the cast will still be on.

Days 4-7
Continue to work from home during this time. Swelling and very slight bruising may persist, but will begin to go down significantly towards day 7.
Day 7
This is the big day! The cast comes off, along with any sutures, and you’ll see an immediate difference in the shape of your nose.

In addition, the nose is cleaned and carefully suctioned internally.

By this time, most of the swelling or bruising will be gone. There may be a small amount of yellowing underneath the eyes, but this is easily covered with cosmetics.

Month 1
By the end of the first month after surgery, 80% of the swelling will have gone away. The remainder, especially around the tip, will take up to one year.


You & Improved

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