30 min duration$295 as an add-on

Harness exosome regenerative power.

The future of Regenerative Aesthetics.


Exosomes are messengers of stem cells. They contain amino acids which are building blocks of protein and promote healthy skin. It derives from adipose tissue which is donated and then it goes through a purified process to remove any DNA.

At AIREM, we are using Exosomes post laser and microneedling to reduce redness and shorten downtime. It is also being offered as an add-on service for Miracell, Micropore, Claripore, SkinEven, Fadeaway and Scar Revision. Exosomes are a great treatment for acne scarring and hypertrophic scarring.

Ideal For

Enhancing aesthetic treatment results, minimizing downtime from treatments. Increasing collagen and elastin.


Reducing moderate signs of aging (such as fine lines and wrinkles)

Stimulating collagen and elastin production

Improving skin texture and tone

Reducing pore size

Enhancing clarity, vibrancy and radiance of the complexion

Watch the Exosome Treatment



$295 as an add-on to all laser resurfacing and microneedling treatments (Miracell, Micropore, SkinEven, ClariPore, FadeAway, LaserTone Erbium, Scar Revision)

Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Is there any downtime?
Exosomes are paired with other AIREM treatments. Downtime is associated with the accompanying treatment, however, exosomes may speed up the healing process.
What does the treatment feel like?
A soothing, topical solution enriched with exosomes applied to the skin in conjunction with procedures such as Micropore, Miracell and Everglow.
How frequently should I get this service?
Monthly or quarterly based on your skincare goals.


You & Improved

  • On the day of your appointment, keep your face clean and free of makeup.
  • Do not use retinol or any chemical exfoliants 24 hours before your treatment.
  • Do not take any over the counter anti-inflammatory medication 12 hours before appointment.
  • No prolonged sun exposure on your face at least 48 hours prior to treatment.
  • If you have an active acne breakout right before your treatment, please call the office to consult with one of our aestheticians.


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