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Plasma Tite Neck

1 hour durationStarting at $8,995+

Tighten and Smooth.

Restore a youthful neckline with precise plasma energy.


PlasmaTight Necklift using Renuvion plasma helium technology is a minimally invasive neck tightening procedure that uses plasma heat to contract and tighten tissue. In just a single treatment, the appearance of loose skin is significantly improved and contours of the neck are immediately smoothed and defined. During the PlasmaTite Necklift procedure, the doctor creates a small entry point placing the device under the skin. Once in place, the physician releases pro helium gas and radiofrequency (RF) to create a precise stream of energy (plasma).

This plasma energy contracts the skin while, at the same time, excess helium gas cools the treatment area. This combination of energy contracts the tissues just under the skin, which in turn tightens it.

PlasmaTite Neck effectively treats the collagen fibers under the skin, contracting them and triggering the collagen rebuilding process.

Ideal For

  • Tightening lax skin, Improving elasticity, Building collagen

Treatable Concerns

  • Tightening lax skin on the neck and face
  • Smoothing lax skin
  • Stimulating collagen and elastin production
  • Improving skin texture
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Airem Modern Beauty Rituals



PlasmaTite Neck is commonly paired with neck liposuction, which may incur an additional charge

Questions? We've Got Answers.

Is there any downtime?
Three to 7 days. Downtime could be longer if you have had previous procedures on the neck.
What does the treatment feel like?
Local numbing injections are used to anesthetize the entire treatment area and ensure a comfortable experience.
How frequently should I get this service?
This is a permanent treatment and can be repeated in 1-4 years.
  • Please arrange for someone to take you home from the surgical office.
  • Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), naproxen (Aleve), and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications), Vitamin E, herbal supplements or any medications containing these compounds for two weeks before your procedure. Acetaminophen (Tylenol or generic equivalent) and daily multivitamin are fine.
  • Refrain from smoking two weeks before and two weeks after your procedure. Nicotine and tobacco smoke delay healing and can result in scarring.
  • Avoid sun tanning and significant sun exposure two weeks before your procedure. We recommend wearing a SPF 50 or higher.
  • Your prescriptions for after your procedure (typically pain medicine and antibiotics) will be sent to the pharmacy the week before.
  • Please pick them up before the day of the procedure.
  • Please purchase the following non-prescription items prior to the day of surgery:
    • Hydrogen peroxide
    • Q-tips
    • Aquaphor
    • Gauze
    • Bacitracin

Day of Surgery

  • Leave all valuables at home; do not wear jewelry.
  • Do not wear any facial or eye make-up. Avoid nail polish.
  • Do not use hair spray, hair gel or other hair products on the day of surgery. 
  • Essential medications may be taken with a sip of water.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes that fasten in front or back. Avoid slipover clothing.
  • You may wear glasses but do not wear contact lenses.
  • If you wear dentures, keep them in.
  • Bring your ID with you.
  • You will have a circumferential dressing around your face and neck for the first night. This will be removed the next morning when you see Dr. Hu in the office. Following this, you will be given a compression garment to wear 24/7 except for when you shower. Wear this garment for the entirety of the first week. You will receive further instructions regarding the garment when you come in for your one-week postoperative appointment. 
  • After the first 24 hours, you may wash your face with a washcloth or face wipes. 
  • For the first week, keep your head elevated to minimize swelling. A recliner works well or adding an extra pillow on your bed is adequate.
  • Don’t be concerned if the neck shows some swelling or bruise discoloration after removal of the dressing – this usually resolves within the first week. In certain patients, it may require three months for all swelling to completely subside.
  • During the first week, when you remove the dressing to shower, take this time to clean your incisions with hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip. After, apply a thin layer of bacitracin ointment to all incisions. On day 7, you will switch to Aquaphor after the sutures are removed.
  • Avoid extreme physical activity including athletic activities and intercourse. You may resume light walking two days after surgery. Aerobic exercise, weight training, heavy lifting, and straining may be gradually resumed two weeks after surgery.
  • Absolutely avoid sun exposure, sun lamps, or tanning beds for six weeks after surgery. Heat may cause your face to swell. While we recommend wearing a SPF 30 or higher, our physicians and staff wear a SPF 50 every day.
  • Take only medications prescribed by your doctor. You will receive prescriptions for pain medication and an antibiotic. The pain medication along with reduction in physical activity may cause constipation. A stool softener such as Docusate, which is available over the counter, will prevent or alleviate this.
  • Makeup may be used 5-7 days after surgery (except on the incisions). Make-up may be applied on the incisions 2 days after the sutures are removed.


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