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Collective beauty through timeless rituals

Your premier beauty and wellness destination for Long Island,
Queens and the neighboring communities of New York.



Wrinkle-removing snail creams. Pore-reducing elixirs. Youth-defying treatments. Just a few of the precious gifts from Korean Beauty aka K-Beauty. With beauty lovers flocking to the coveted South Korean products, it is no surprise skin care companies all over the world...

Clinical K-Beauty

Welcome to AIREM - the first K-Beauty medical aesthetic spa in the country infusing the core K-Beauty principles of gwallee and prejuvenation. Allowing these beliefs to guide them, AIREM created a sanctuary to reconnect, a destination to discover and space to share in...


I remember the exact moment - I was 31 and working as an editor for a fashion magazine in NYC. It was day 4 of NYFW, which meant a gruesome schedule of shows all day and brand events all night. (Trust me, it’s not nearly as glamorous as it sounds!) I tumbled out of...




Achieve natural-looking results with our full spectrum of curated non-surgical and surgical beauty treatments in a modern sanctuary setting.


Skin Care

Glowing Results

From post-treatment to beauty maintenance, our physician-formulated and curated skin care products contain a high concentration of active ingredients that provide essential hydration, nutrition and rejuvenation for healthy, radiant skin.




We invite you to celebrate life’s special moments, strengthen your inner circle and grow your external network. Learn and share timeless beauty advice with women that cherish beauty and wellness just as much as you.

Invest in Beauty Rest

Achieve deep restfulness and renewed energy, clarity
and focus with our exclusive Harmoni treatment,
an immersive sound and harmonic resonance therapy.

Elevate your glow

Improve skin vitality and renew your youthful radiance
with this preventative and corrective treatment that
combines radio-frequency and microneedling.

Redefine your jawline

Slim your chin and contour your face with a customized
combination of non-surgical micro-treatments that reduce fullness
under the chin and tighten and contour the lower face and jawline.

\ kwˈahˈlee \

This centuries-old Korean principle of maintaining a ‘self-care’ regimen helps us take care of our wellness and beauty with purpose and intention.



Nurture your spirit.
Renew your beauty.
Empower your confidence.

Inspired by the benefits of Western medicine and the principles of Korean beauty, AIREM aims to make you feel good so you can find your great.

AIREM is a haven for beauty,
rest and rejuvenation. A one-stop wellness sanctuary for all your skin care needs.

The Retreat is the ultimate luxe, private  experience. Combining a tea ritual with beauty treatments creates a special atmosphere to celebrate life’s special moments.

Announcing The AIREM App: Direct access to our aesthetic experts. Book appointments, purchase skin care and earn luxe rewards. Download the app today to receive bonus points! Available on Apple App Store and Google Play
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