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Gwallee 관리: The Self-Care Principle To Know

Gwallee 관리: The Self-Care Principle To Know

Written By: AIREM Beauty Expert

Wrinkle-removing snail creams. Pore-reducing elixirs. Youth-defying treatments. Just a few of the precious gifts from Korean Beauty aka K-Beauty. With beauty lovers flocking to the coveted South Korean products, it is no surprise skin care companies all over the world are offering a wide array of double cleansing balms, toners, essences and of course, facial sheet masks. 

The simple fact is: K-beauty is so much more than a sheet mask.

At the heart of these beloved products is the centuries-old Korean principle gwallee 관리. This concept of maintaining self-care practices to help take care of your wellness and beauty with purpose and intention is very different from the often romanticized and “wellness-washing” notion of western self-care activities. Gwallee 관리 sits deeper. It is the caring of one’s mind through reading; the healing of the body through a massage; the rejuvenation of the soul through quality time with friends.

In South Korea, this principle is passed down through multi-generational living. Women of every age share collective beauty and life experiences through timeless rituals. Daily tea ceremonies provide a moment to reconnect with those around you while granting you the sanctuary to recharge. Bath houses allow for the creation of closer bonds while honoring your body. It is here where gwallee 관리 is practiced.

Named after the Korean word for beauty and based on the concept of gwallee 관리, AIREM strives to carry on these deeply rooted rituals. From curated treatments and clinical-grade skin care products to meditative tea ceremonies and beauty retreats, we invite you to discover your gwallee 관리.

7 ways to gwallee 관리

There is no doubting the importance of self-care on your mind, body, and soul. By incorporating gwallee 관리 in your life daily, you can constantly reap the benefits of self-care. To help you start discovering your gwallee 관리, here are 7 self-care tips for the best ways to relax and clear your mind.



Airem Modern Beauty Rituals
Airem Modern Beauty Rituals


Book A Session of Harmoni


Spend time with friends & family

Airem Modern Beauty Rituals
Airem Modern Beauty Rituals


Enjoy a cup of tea


Schedule a relaxing facial

Airem Modern Beauty Rituals
Airem Modern Beauty Rituals


Watch K-Drama


Do Your Nightly Skincare Routine

Airem Modern Beauty Rituals
Airem Modern Beauty Rituals
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